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Since the very foundation of CasinoGames77 in 2017, the team of experts behind our rapidly developing gambling platform has been trying to ensure that we provide the fullest database with detailed descriptions of the best slots on the market that would be enjoyable for high rollers and amateur gamblers alike. No matter what your tastes and preferences are, we guarantee that you’ll get comprehensive information about all novelties and most lucrative propositions inside the gaming sector. Our project is aimed at making sure that every gambler has access to the cutting-edge slot offerings existing in the modern-day world of gambling. So that each of our customers can find exactly what they are looking for. We follow four major directions while working on our project to cover all aspects of the gaming segment and provide detailed data to our clients.
These include:

  • Online slots;
  • Online casinos;
  • Casino bonuses; 

  • Gambling news.
Jan Steivenson
Head of Product Jan Steivensonis one of the founders of CasinoGames77. Working as a developer in a gambling company helped him understand how the world of online gambling is structured. Jan uses his knowledge to make the right decisions and makes sure that the CasinoGames77 project follows the right course and approaches the goal we all want to achieve — to become the best source of information on the Internet for online casino players. When CasinoGames77 first appeared, Jan wrote and published on our website several key articles in which he shared his knowledge of the gaming world to help our visitors better understand the world of online gambling.
Juraj Jackson
Casino games specialist Juraj Jackson is responsible for the database of free casino games. He regularly replenishes it with new games and checks the work of existing games so that our visitors can play both classic and modern slots, as well as other games without any problems that can ruin the user experience or the pleasure of the game. Juraj listens to feedback from users reporting problems and uses the feedback received to correct recurring errors. All this work is carried out in order to maintain the largest and best-in-class database of free casino games on the Internet.
Amelia Akkerman
Testing lead Amelia Akkerman leads our team of testers. We are testing the site for all countries from which a significant number of users visit it. This is necessary so that we are sure that we provide visitors with reliable and necessary information. Also, Amelia and her team of testers make sure that players from the tested countries can actually play in the casino indicated on the website. This includes testing the registration process, payment methods, available games, and other important factors that affect the user experience of players in the tested country. Testing all the top casinos from a particular country allows us to make our list of the best casinos as accurate as possible for that country, and users will receive a list of existing casinos, the best of which are on the top lines. Amelia's work with testers is also very important for our database of bonuses, especially no deposit. Bonuses often change and may not be offered to players from all countries. Testers help us optimize the list of no deposit bonuses for each country so that each visitor sees only those bonuses that he can use. In addition to all of the above, Amelia is also our video poker expert, which is clearly demonstrated by her articles on this topic.

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